The following is a statement of my life Intention which I wrote to go along with the statement of What I Believe, my Rule of Life, and the General Rule of my Order:

In the “key” of Franciscan spirituality and its intellectual tradition,

I want to continually [re]turn to become my true self
(the self known to and created and loved by the divine One)

by seeking to contemplate the divine One in createdness
·   (pursuing an affective life and intellectual conversion)
which entails regular

• prayer, • study, and • meditative speculatio

while loving, exploring and sharing myself
·   (autonomously, creatively and helpfully)
·   in convivial, personalist and caring communities

• being loved and loving others,
• practicing minimalism and parrhesia, and
• engaging in writing and physical work

and becoming close to nature —
·   natural things: their haecceity and collective integrity
·   (aware of nature as reality and, in harmony with her,
·       reflecting her as part of her) —
for which I would like to:

• keep in good physical condition,
• spend time outdoors,
• and live in as natural a manner in as natural a setting as I can
·     while not only respecting and caring for nature
·     but enhancing her well-being,

until “Sister Bodily Death” returns me to
the Beloved One, the Creatrix who wombed and wooed me.