The United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. against a blue sky background.

Tomorrow Americans are going to their polling places to vote. Mr. Trump has usurped the presidency now for two years and we can see clearly what he and his administration is up to. We have also seen, ever since the Supreme Court decided to allow elections to be bought by large corporations and major capitalists, how the GOP has become completely beholden to their financial sponsors. We have had enough time to see what they too are up to. With the president’s leadership, they are taking apart all of our democratic institutions and restructuring the government for a fascist takeover. Though the country began as a republic of white propertied “gentlemen,” it became increasingly (if reluctantly) democratic as more groups were given the right to vote. Whatever gains we have made since the nation’s founding, though the cost has been the loss of countless lives, we are about to lose because of deliberate campaigns of voter manipulation and voter suppression.

How much freedom Mr. Trump will have in the next two years to continue his fascist agenda will depend on the outcome of tomorrow’s election. Unfortunately, many people who will be voting want to put an end to civil liberties, and democracy itself, in the United States. Many of them want to both return the Confederacy (and end the Union) and bring victory to the Nazis, whether they realize this or not.

One group that has been particularly gullible to manipulation, whom Mr. Trump has intentionally played, has been white Evangelicals. A man who all his life has been viciously anti-Christian has figured out how to seduce a group that he genuinely hates for his own purposes. He knows that they are incapable of critical thinking. (Fundamentalism only works because its adherents are capable of selectively lying to themselves and living in denial of clear evidence.) White Evangelicalism has essentially become a Trump cult. Whatever mooring Evangelicalism once had to classical Christianity seems to have completely unraveled; the ship is now adrift with Mr. Trump standing as their “anointed” captain in the stead of (i.e, “αντι”) Christ. The Christ of the gospels is foreign to them. Of course, any Christian who is still moored to historic Christianity easily recognizes that Mr. Trump is more of an antichrist, especially in his role with respect to America’s white Evangelicals. Many Evangelicals who refuse to identify with this historic aberration are looking for another branding.

There is no secret about Mr. Trump’s deliberate attempt to use lies to generate fear to divide the country, and his disdainful disregard of law. Though Mr. Trump is mostly interested in himself and his own acquisition of power, he is without any doubt a sociopathic sadist and a White Supremacist, always ready to exploit vulnerable groups even if it means inflicting enormous suffering on others and even killing people. The moneyed people for whom the GOP work also have an interest in fascism. They are convinced that they are the victims of democracy (it hinders their freedom to exploit and oppress others); they want to see democracy end as soon as possible. Now the Supreme Court leans heavily in their direction.

If, however, in this election, the control of the House and Senate can shift out of their favor, the descent of our society into hell can be slowed. If it can be slowed, perhaps we might even be able to have a “normal” election in 2020. If America can turn around, perhaps we can rejoin the community of nations and address the issue of human extinction. Our extinction presses upon us now as patriarchy, after 10,500 years, reaches its final limit. We will end patriarchy or it will finally end us. This is the choice that humanity faces in the twenty-first century.

What kind of cultural and spiritual revolution can effect our reconciliation to Gaia and our continuation as a species?  I am not sure that anything we do can save us. It may be too late; there might be enough time left. However, we are a resilient species, even though we are not infinitely so and no guarantees are built-in. There is meaning, for each of us, in becoming this revolution nevertheless, even if it cannot succeed. I invite you to make your own life meaningful.

Tomorrow you can vote. Even if you must hold your nose, let every one of your votes be for a democrat. A vote against the GOP is a vote against fascism.

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